Last month, I spent four solid weeks editing and rewriting seven chapters of my work in progress. These chapters formed the bulk of my submission to the FAWWA Emerging Writers Program.

When I decided to enter, I didn’t know that my body was launching a covert operation. It piled extra illness on top of my usual health problems. You know the saying, ‘the spirit is willing…’? My flesh was weak in capital letters.

My September challenge reminded me that perseverance is crucial to every version of success that exists.



Fed up with having to always put my body’s needs first (and in doing so, sacrificing my dreams) I knew I had to fight and fight hard, for what I wanted. Trading my ill body for a new, healthy one wasn’t an option (dammit). I had to do the best I could with what I had or miss out.

For well over a year, I’d been longing for a writing win. All my concerted efforts had not earned me any gold stars. Rejections hadn’t affected my habit of getting the work done and out there, but they made me feel a little depressed.

At the starting line, I was completely done with the miasmic feeling of failure that hung over my head. I had to be in the running for the Emerging Writers Program and the only way I’d be considered is if I ran the race alongside everyone else. Shaky, I pulled my running shoes on.



With a pressing timeline and poor health, I couldn’t afford to entertain the notion of quitting. I had to ignore perfectionism and comparison and keep looking straight ahead to the finish line. I knew that if I glanced sideways, I would fall and not get up again.

Through migraines, low-grade fevers, chest pain and many other symptoms, I held onto perseverance with all I had. Perseverance was the rope I hung onto that dragged me toward the finish line. My beta-readers backed me up and pushed from behind.



I grazed my knees the last hundred metres but my sweaty, rope-burned hands were locked on perseverance.

Finally, after four long weeks, I found myself touching the finish line. By that stage, my body was protesting loudly and I could no longer ignore it.

I hit the submit button, let go of my perseverance rope and promptly fell in a messy heap of victory.



The experience illustrated to me yet again that perseverance is essential, regardless of your goals or what shape your difficulties take. Nobody breezes to the finish line. Nobody. No matter how unattainable a goal seems, or how giant your obstacles look, you will make it if you just hang onto perseverance.

Winning a place in the FAWWA Emerging Writers Program would be a dream come true. If I miss out, I’ll feel disappointed for a while but then I’ll realise it doesn’t matter because I know I did my absolute best with what I had. I ran the race and crawled over the finish line – I reached my goal. I’ll call myself a winner because I persevered until my entry was complete.

When I’m strong enough to get up and sprint again, I know perseverance will be there to steadfastly pull me to success. But for now, it’s time to switch gears after a month of bloody hard work and sickness. Now it’s time to get some rest so I can last the crazy writing journey marathon.


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  1. Your incredible perseverance means you have the spirit of a winner, Jodie – so impressive. The world will eventually catch up, but you’ve demonstrated here that you have what it takes. It is also inspiring for me to read this and remind myself what is possible through hard work, as I’m facing my own uphill battle atm. Thank you for sharing this, my friend. My fingers and toes are crossed for you for the FAWWA program.

  2. You’ve always been a winner to me. Congrats on reaching the finishing post. I know how hard it is to get a manuscript written.

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