We are Winged

Wind whipped past my face, cooling damp skin from the cloying heat. The country air smelt clean, laced with incense. I sped along on my hired mountain bike as I descended the hills of Ubud, Indonesia.

Tentatively, I took my hands from the handlebars and tried to balance with only the tips of forefingers. That mastered, I raised my arms up and out to my sides; closed my eyes, breathed deeply and immersed myself in the ‘rush’.

I smiled broadly; euphoric. I felt free. Nothing mattered; I was in the moment, physically, mentally and spiritually. I had truly let go and was soaring.

I’m thirty-two years old and that was the first time in my life I felt I had wings.

Wings? Yes, I have them. Here’s an epiphany – so do you! Cool, right?

Even though I’m in my thirties, mine are still small and weak; they’ve barely been used. But now that I’ve found them, nothing’s going to stop me from exercising them. I can’t wait till they’re big and strong enough to soar high with them, at length!

The reason I’m only now discovering my wings is that for most of my life I’ve felt trapped.

Severe illness caged me for the greater portion of my growing-up years. Depression and anxiety nailed me to the floor from age eighteen. And more recently, people’s expectations, marriage and a three-year-old son have felt like ties holding me back from living my dreams.

I don’t mean for that to sound so horrible. I love my husband and my beautiful son. I am blessed beyond measure; truly. It’s just that I’ve not experienced much of what I’ve wanted to in this life… yet.

So when I went to Bali, on my own, to a heavenly retreat for a week, it was a huge step to discover I had wings! And I got to test them out. At the time I thought I was just on a much needed break; I didn’t know I was discovering my wings. But my trip was significant.

And that no-hands-riding experience? That summed everything up for me. This is what I need. Leonardo Davinci’s words suddenly make sense; ‘For once, you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.’

So the question is not, do you have wings. It is have you used them lately? I hope you’ll unfurl your beautiful feathers soon.



There is no end to the amount of unhelpful beliefs that have held me back in life and creative expression.

For a long time, I hesitated to create my own blog. Adding to the collective background noise in your life didn’t appeal to me at all.

I fear not being heard

I don’t think anyone would consider me worth listening to. I have no fancy work experience or education history; no amazing travel or adventure stories.

I’m hardly interesting at all! I’m that person asking the questions, not the one being asked. I’m the listener, not the talker.

I’ve raised my voice above a whisper before, and I’ve been ignored or worse, misunderstood or slated. The fear of these things happening again has held me back from confidently expressing my opinions.

I fear being heard

Actually, and I’m being completely vulnerable here, I even fear the opposite – having a voice that is taken notice of! If that happens (some trick of a wand and hat perhaps?) you’ll find me hiding behind the curtains, trembling with stage fright!

If you met me, you’d be far from intimidated; far from riveted by my words. I don’t stand out and I don’t command attention. I don’t think I’ll ever be that person who is noticed. And that’s okay by me.

Why I’m blogging

I think I’m like a liquorice allsorts lolly. (No, I’m not about to use this like the onion metaphor for layers, in Shrek.) The combination of traits and peculiarities that make me me is not that important. All you need to know about me is the motivation of my heart – my character.

It’s not that I even feel like I need to be heard. I don’t need to blog for that reason. I have enough self-confidence to not require your validation. And I think there’s enough opinion out there to keep the infernos raging, without mine to add fuel.

No, I need to blog as a creative outlet. I want to express with the wonder of words what I passionately think and feel. If that makes your world a better place, even to a minuscule degree, then I’ll be ecstatic.

I’ll tell you what I’ve learnt from my life experiences. And maybe I can give you an insight where you might need it, or pique your interest on something you might want to explore for yourself.

But please don’t mistake this for arrogance. It’s not. And, in the face of countless lies that sometimes fill my head, I must remind myself that thinking it is arrogance is just another lie. It’s another lie, among others like ‘you are just like everybody else’ and ‘you have nothing different to offer anyone’.

The thing is, I don’t believe the lies anymore and I especially don’t want you to believe the lies in your head, either.

Hello, Clarity!

The fantastic West Australian author, Annabel Smith, encouraged me to publish online when she shared her thoughts with me about blogging and its validity. The way she thought about it was that all writers are like snowflakes, because together every one of us makes up a stunning, snowy landscape.

Her words hit me with a beautiful clarity – no two blogs are the same, just as no two books are the same. As humans, we are all vastly different. The works we produce are complex, unique fragments of a larger picture. They are pieces of our heart.

So today, my friend, join me as I outwardly tell fear to go mess with someone else. Because today is my day! Today is your day! We own it and we don’t need permission to take whatever frightening leaps of courage we like!

Run, and don’t look back!


An Author comes to Visit


I have this thing about meeting authors. Regardless of their level of success, I am always bubble-brained about being in the same room as one. So if they talk to me, I may very well just faint on you.

Not long ago, Annabel Smith, author of A New Map of the Universe and Whiskey, Charlie, Foxtrot made her first book club visit for her latest novel, The Ark, and I was privileged to be there. The opportunity to meet and speak with her was priceless.

Authors have more of an effect on me than actors or other famous and infamous people from popular media. As I listened to Annabel speak to our book club, I had stars in my eyes! Yes, I’m such a word nerd ;o).


Meeting Annabel

What a fantastic person Annabel is! ‘Truly delightful’, as one friend put it! Her generosity in sharing her story and providing helpful writing advice astounded me. Many authors seem to put on a mask when they meet fans, but not Annabel. She was genuine, authentic and personable. She was honest with her answers, even when questions required her to make herself vulnerable.

Questions flew around the table the entire time. There was fascinating conversation about surveillance, human behaviour in dark times, and the writing life.

It became quickly clear Annabel has worked extremely hard to get where she is today. No matter how long a project would take her, she’d stick with it until she finished. She started The Ark in 2009. And it didn’t get published until 2014. What a champ to never give up and to see such a challenging project to completion!


Annabel on writing

Let me tell you something else. Annabel is a writer just like you and me. She procrastinates, doubts her ability to write and finds criticism and feedback demotivating. She’s had many personal challenges to overcome, just like we all do as writers and human beings.

She said many times that she’s not a quick, efficient writer, but a very slow one. This was so encouraging for ‘slowbies’ like me! She used to completely ‘pants’ it, (not plan her stories), she said, but now she’s becoming more of a planner.

When she pantsed it, she’d often get stuck and couldn’t see how to move her plot forward. Planning, she said, has made her writing process quicker. But Annabel is adamant that she plan as little as possible so as not to take the fun out of the writing. She still likes to see how her stories evolve and progress without having to cookie-cut it out. This keeps the fun alive for her.


Create an opportunity

Annabel has never given up on her writing, no matter how hard it’s been. Isn’t that the case in any creative endeavor? Don’t give up, and you’ll get there eventually!

Annabel’s success as a writer is also a testament to the value of connections. People she’s met and who have helped her on her journey as a writer have been vital. So, get networking and build an environment of support around you!

If you have a book club in or near Perth, ask Annabel to visit. , Otherwise, you might miss out on some quality information that will help you in your writing career.


Reader, Writer, Warrior