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What am I working on at the moment? 

If you take a bird’s eye view of one month of my work, you’ll find me writing blog articles, adding words to my novel, jotting down long form story ideas, drafting up a biographical article or two, editing for writer friends, beta reading, weaving words of poetry and spinning stories in short form for competitions.

So, what am I working on at the moment? Everything!

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I haven’t nailed myself to a definite genre (yet?). I’ve been writing for three short years and still consider myself an amateur. In that time I’ve experimented with: new adult, young adult, sci-fi, speculative, romance, memoir, thriller and mystery. I’ve enjoyed writing in all these genres and often, I mix up two or three genres.

I hope that my work is different from popular fiction in that it explores realms of profound thought and emotion. If my writing is of a high standard, intriguing, compelling and emotive, then I will consider my job well done.

Why do I write what I do?

I write blog posts and non-fiction articles to explore what I think about a topic or question, or to put a memory into context. I then share these with the hope of benefiting others. I like to retell experiences and explain what I’ve learnt. It feels beneficial to my soul, much like journaling.

I enjoy writing prose and, like many writers, aspire to publish a novel or two. I find creating and understanding characters to be the most rewarding aspect of long form prose writing.

I write poetry because I am in love with this form of creative expression. I like to achieve a rhythm with words and enjoy the abstract beauty of how words can play together on a page. I’m a romantic at heart. All romantics love poetry :o).

I love to write short stories because sometimes an idea is only a flash of inspiration and it doesn’t need a longer form to be fully developed. I find it satisfying to wrap up a story in 3000 words or less. Having a young child still on my hands, I find writing in short form much more achievable and rewarding compared to novel writing.

How does my writing / creative process work?

I can’t start one piece of writing, work exclusively on it until the end and then start the next piece. I just don’t work that way. I’m a multi-tasker, probably because I lose focus easily and get restless with how long a single writing project takes. I’m also a generalist. I like to have my ten fingers submerged in ten different projects.

Rather than working on one writing project at a time, I work on many – all at the same time. This keeps me interested and enthused about writing. It means I don’t have just one project and nothing to choose from (because then, I would always choose nothing). Instead, I have roughly five pieces of work to choose from at any one time. As such, I never end up choosing to do nothing in the time I’ve allocated to writing.

I have to listen to music while I write. Music is essential to keep me focussed. It creates a much needed sound barrier between my concentrating brain and ambient noise. Music draws me into the world I’m creating and inspires me with ideas. I can’t write – or live – without it.

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