Hi and welcome to my site! Please grab a hot drink and put your feet up for a few minutes while you read.

I’m a South West Australian writer in my mid thirties, most recently print published in the Twisted Tales anthology of 2016.

I enjoy writing fiction, poetry and non-fiction that explores strong emotions and reveals our humanity. I love reading and watching anything that makes me think deeply; makes me feel clever (which is one reason why psychological thrillers and dramas really float my boat).

Aside from writing, my favourite things include visual art, cheese, new stationary, yoga, people watching, PG Tips tea, and spending time with my husband and 5yo son (when they’re not around; my cat, Phoebe). I’m a sucker for buying more books than I can read and listening to beautiful film scores while I write. I’m often found at my desk, editing, rewriting and labouring over the undecipherable notes I’ve written myself.

I consider myself a keen student of life and relationships so my blog posts lean toward self-analysis and uncovering deeper meanings – punctuated by writing and reading related news, of course.

I also blog about my experience of chronic illness and the importance of looking after ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any post that moves you.

Meanwhile, please be kind to yourself.

Jodie How

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