Are you a human-being or a human-doing?

You have been created as a human-being, not a human-doing. Your worth is based on everything you are, not on everything you do.


It’s not a new year anymore

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy rush of everyday life, isn’t it? During the early part of the year, we tend to dive straight into achieving new goals and zoom along, sometimes at a whirlwind pace.

It’s March now… maybe it’s time to slow down a little and admire the sunflower that opened up just for you in your garden.

Achieving so much is great for the ‘doing’ part of our ego – the part that wants to achieve and feel good for it, the part that wants to please others and be commended.

But while you’re busy constantly doing, what’s happening to the ‘being’ part of yourself? Are you giving it any attention?


What am I talking about?

What do I mean by ‘doing’ and ‘being’? We live in such a go-go-go world that we’re always focussed on what’s next on our list of things to do. This is what I refer to as our ‘doing self’. It is purely task orientated.

Our ‘being self’ isn’t focussed on all the doing. ‘Being’ is about resting, loving life, recognising who you are and what you’re like and being okay with that. It is people focussed, not task oriented.



I’ve long battled with ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Having lived many years with a chronic illness, I’ve had to face the challenge of not physically achieving as much as my brain wants me to. Life lessons have impressed upon me that ‘being’ is far more enriching than ‘doing’.

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to stop doing and just be, most of the time. You might get bored instantly or get fidgety. It takes practice to master, but once you have, your happiness will increase exponentially.

‘Being’ fits in with ideas about mindfulness. I’ll talk about this topic more in future weeks. Meanwhile, I encourage you to find some time to just sit and think. Maybe put some classical music on, maybe enjoy the sound of silence. Perhaps do it at the beach, or maybe on your couch. Maybe meditate (watching your thoughts drift by). You don’t have to do this practice for a long time, to start with.

I truly believe that being you is more important than being busy. Slow down a little, unique soul, you’ve been working hard on all your doing.


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7 thoughts on “Are you a human-being or a human-doing?”

  1. I think it is more important because you are worth it. You are not worth what you do. What you do comes after who you are and just “being”. You can’t do something whole heartedly if you haven’t got your whole heart available too hey? #journeyoflife
    Ryan recently posted…Hello WorldMy Profile

  2. I totally agree with you . Sometimes people get so caught up in trivial pursuits that they forget what really matters. It’s a sad truth. I used to be the same before I moved out of the city for simpler life.

  3. I like the idea of human being vs human doing 😉 And you are absolutely right that there is a lot of ego involved in ‘doing’. It’s something that’s elevated in our culture, in a way that being is not. Perhaps it’s all wrapped up in how we view work and worth, too. The idea if you’re not rushing around everywhere that you’re lazy or unmotivated. But you only have one life, and how sad if you don’t stop and spend some time with sunflowers now and then?

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